Month: December 2011

Common Sense is not so COMMON…….

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Patient is an obese female who came in with a fractured ankle. It was deformed tremendously. I was having a hard time with the patient because the pain medications were taking a really long time to take effect. Out of no-where a nurse shows up to test the patient sugar level with a…..FINGERSTICK…..which of course has the patient screaming and the patient instantly becomes less drowsy….ugh!!!!

An hour later I have to review a patient who came in with a headache…..I have to review the patient’s chest x-ray and abdominal x-ray…..WHAT???? I guess someone was on who was even more tired than I was.

A bit of a frustrating day.

Had a really stressed out day…..:(

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Ever so often I encounter stressful days. They creep up on me when I least expect it and I SHUT down!!!

I had been working for five nights straight then, on the last night, with only 3 hours of sleep I had to wakeup and attend an early am meeting. Of course my brain is fried. However the head Doctor who is leading the meeting looks like he has slept for hours!!!!

Then I had to receive a messy shift handover. I mean come on guys, are you kidding. I know everyone is exhausted, but don’t write a barely visible scribble and then quickly rush off……

Way to go team….UGH!!!!!