Month: January 2012

My Blackberry Bold 9700……and soon to be a user of Blackberry Bold 9900…:)

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SO, a little unknown fact about me is that I love GADGETS!!!!!

Now, I have gadgets of all types, but the one that I keep close and I mean EVERYWHERE is my Bold 9700. I initially had a Blackberry curve 8300 which used to be my partner in crime…..:)

Here is a pic of my Bold…..

Isn’t she beautiful. She is a workhorse. Keeps me in contact with family and friends. Because I spend so much time at the hospital as I do now, there is nothing more important to me that having a gadget that can keep me ‘always connected, always on’….:)

I even have a group bbm for girl’s night out……ooohhh and of course facebook…hehehehehe. Hey, even though I am a doctor, i still gotta have a life.

This is STRICTLY my work phone. I have a personal phone also, but more on that later…..*wink*

And of course as a lady my gadget needs to be well accessorized……..

However, as soon as I get my newest gadget, Blackberry Bold 9900 all setup, I will also do a review on it. Beautiful large keyboard AND  a touch screen…..whoohoo…I cant wait….:):)

You should ALWAYS have respect for the medical team…….

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What exactly would you do if there was noone to take care of you when you were sick? Or drunk? Or about to deliver a baby?

Instead of acting in a hostile manner towards the members of the medical team, be calm, listen to what they have to say and ask questions if you did not understand something that was told to you.

Attempting to hit the nurse who is administering your medications will not get you anywhere. Having your sibling cuss out a doctor will not make them leave the critical patient to come by your bedside any faster.

If you decide to come to the hospital for pain meds, and, you attempt to ‘fake chest pain’…….NO…NO….NO……You are going to be treated as though you maybe having cardiac difficulties…….Are you kidding????

Just another crazy day in the ER…….

Even when you are tired and overworked, always, ALWAYS, be focused!!!

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Recently when I worked an ER shift there was a constant procession of patients in the ER

Among them, were several female patients…..who were pregnant and had abdominal pain of varying severity. Each time I called for an OBGYN consult, I was more or less insulted on the phone by an overworked and stressed out doctor…..who was most likely being hammered while oncall.

I went to check out each of the patients that I had admitted to see how they had made it through. Apparently one of the patients was in such a critical state that an emergency C-section had to be performed in order to rescue both mother and child.

The second patient had an ectopic pregnancy and the third one had a spontaneous abortion.

I even ran into the rude OBGYN oncall doctor, who surprisingly mumbled an apology and explained the type of rough call that she was on.

The moral of the story……as much as I get along…somewhat…with my medicine colleagues, when it comes to the care of my patients, you can forget the camaraderie. The patient comes first. I did not go looking for the patient and drag her in the hospital to torment you…….:):)

This is what we all went to medical school for……

A little humor to start your day can go a long way……..

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I also happen to follow other blogs religiously….One of my favorites that I have followed for the past two years….’A Cartoon Guide To Becoming a Doctor’. by Dr. Fizzy…:):).

She also has her book which is a really great read….over a pint of ice cream… can purchase it at….link:

So get it today…

You have got to be kidding me!!!

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Patient: Yes doc this is my third pregnancy in 5 months. I have had two previous abortions.

Sleepydoc: Why aren’t you on birth control????

Patient: Because it can make me fat……

Sleepydoc: Ma’am as it is you are already morbidly obese (~300-350lbs). I suggest that you figure out what you want to do with your life and you need to be educated on birth control.


I guess Doctors are really easy to come by????

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So I was reading the newspaper today and saw this advertisement…….

I was actually thinking that people would do anything for a quick buck. Any doctor who responds to this ad is CRAZY!!!!