Even when you are tired and overworked, always, ALWAYS, be focused!!!

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Recently when I worked an ER shift there was a constant procession of patients in the ER

Among them, were several female patients…..who were pregnant and had abdominal pain of varying severity. Each time I called for an OBGYN consult, I was more or less insulted on the phone by an overworked and stressed out doctor…..who was most likely being hammered while oncall.

I went to check out each of the patients that I had admitted to see how they had made it through. Apparently one of the patients was in such a critical state that an emergency C-section had to be performed in order to rescue both mother and child.

The second patient had an ectopic pregnancy and the third one had a spontaneous abortion.

I even ran into the rude OBGYN oncall doctor, who surprisingly mumbled an apology and explained the type of rough call that she was on.

The moral of the story……as much as I get along…somewhat…with my medicine colleagues, when it comes to the care of my patients, you can forget the camaraderie. The patient comes first. I did not go looking for the patient and drag her in the hospital to torment you…….:):)

This is what we all went to medical school for……

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