My Blackberry Bold 9700……and soon to be a user of Blackberry Bold 9900…:)

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SO, a little unknown fact about me is that I love GADGETS!!!!!

Now, I have gadgets of all types, but the one that I keep close and I mean EVERYWHERE is my Bold 9700. I initially had a Blackberry curve 8300 which used to be my partner in crime…..:)

Here is a pic of my Bold…..

Isn’t she beautiful. She is a workhorse. Keeps me in contact with family and friends. Because I spend so much time at the hospital as I do now, there is nothing more important to me that having a gadget that can keep me ‘always connected, always on’….:)

I even have a group bbm for girl’s night out……ooohhh and of course facebook…hehehehehe. Hey, even though I am a doctor, i still gotta have a life.

This is STRICTLY my work phone. I have a personal phone also, but more on that later…..*wink*

And of course as a lady my gadget needs to be well accessorized……..

However, as soon as I get my newest gadget, Blackberry Bold 9900 all setup, I will also do a review on it. Beautiful large keyboard AND  a touch screen…..whoohoo…I cant wait….:):)

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