Wow, today was a rush……..

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Interestingly enough, today was another of those terrible shifts where everything and anything was coming at me in rapid succession.

I had a pregnant patient who was pretending to be clueless about being pregnancy. Her abdomen was OBVIOUSLY distended…..and the baby was easily palpated on examination……I mean come on…..

Again, my next patient was a young teenager pothead, whose mother was wearing even less clothes that the patient. She had taken some pills to get rid of baby #2. Strangely enough it actually is alright to be a child and not grow up too fast….enjoy your childhood…dont take on any sort of crazy responsibilities too early.

BUT….the grand finale goes to the 40 yo uncontrolled diabetic patient who takes her meds…’when she feels like it’. She asked me if she could step outside to have a ‘smoke’. Ummm no. Please be destructive on your own time….dont waste mine

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