I can’t make this stuff up!!!

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I had the pleasure of treating a patient today who had suffered a burn to the buttocks area….she wouldnt tell me how it occurred.

The weird thing was that to cool down the burn she placed a pack of frozen sausages in her underwear and came into the ER.

When I proceeded to exam and was carefully removing the ‘frozen sausages’. She noticed I was going to throw it away. She stopped me and said…

‘Doc, don’t throw that away, I have to use it later. I run a catering business’

She then proceeded to place the sausages, which also had some butt-skin on it into her handbag……

I made sure to find out the name and location of her business…..so I could ALWAYS avoid going there…….

2 thoughts on “I can’t make this stuff up!!!

    belu said:
    February 4, 2012 at 2:50 am

    HA! This blog is freaking hilarious… I’ve read it all! I’m a 2nd year med student from Argentina, considering specializing in emergentology. You got me cracking up and grabbing my side, gasping for air…

    You ER people are the real deal… I take my hat off to you, colleague!

      Sleepy Doctor Diaries responded:
      February 4, 2012 at 5:05 am

      Well keep studying hard and set your goals and soon enough you will be practicing Emergency Medicine…:)

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