Medicine and Business

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I think that the medical school curriculum should have business integrated in it. Medicine and business are definitely team players, especially if you want to create your own private practice and not lose too much money on that investment. Your medical practice should ALWAYS be profitable. Another important aspect is IT and the connection to Electronic Health Records. You can also decrease loss of income if all your patients’ records are held electronically and the ease with which an accountant will be able to check you finances.

Speaking of finances, I think it is important as a doctor to be able to read a financial statement. Make sure that you have no leakage of funds from anywhere within your private practice and for that matter, your personal income.

I always keep up to date on business from different sources: ENTREPRENEUR magazine and website; Mashable website;; Fast Company magazine…to name a few.

I listen to business podcasts in my car while driving too and from work.

Read alot on business, accounting, financial statements…..and of course attend seminars when possible.

Most recently, some of my favorite books has been….Start Your Own Medical Practice; The Medical Entrepreneur; Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs….INC yourself (really loved this one). The latter is an eye opener about ways to sort of separate your personal finances from your business.

I also love the books from business gurus: Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki.

Also, I have been trying to get my hands on any books by Steve Jobs…….I have already read the one by Walter Isaacson. Currently reading Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky…..

Keep you mind open. Dont just focus on medicine…We are smart enough to be doctors. What else can we do if we put our minds to it….Think outside the box.

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