Doctors also get sick

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So there I was at 7am on a Saturday morning thinking about going to the mall with some friends and having a nice brunch…it is my day off after all.

In reality, I am dreaming, because I am sick with the common flu….and maybe some stale pizza that I had in the fridge that I decided to eat…..wrong idea…

Fever…vomitting….diarrhea….I got it. Feeling dizzy and weak…..The worst part is I may have work around 11pm tonight….ugh!

I dont plan on showing up to work in this state. I may lose conciousness and fall face first onto a patient.

So I just roll over, fall back into a nice deep sleep where there are no patients, no gunshot wound victims and no old people trying my patience……

So let me tell you….Doctors also get sick…..and dont you ever forget it……:

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