Indulge yourself… have earned it…..

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Long shift that never seems to end. Nurses barking at you about other patients that need to be seen…as though you are doing nothing.
ECG technicians that need you to sign off on what seems like hundreds of ECGs……

Don’t stress…..indulge yourself.

Colleagues showing up late for the following shift and strolling in without a care in the world while you are watching them with bloodshot eyes…..

Don’t stress……indulge yourself

Your hair is a mess, you didn’t have time to put on makeup. Can’t even recall the last time you ironed clothes. At the end of a shift you look like a crazy raccoon……..

Don’t stress…..indulge yourself.

That is exactly what I did this morning at the end of my shift……I…INDULGED myself…:)


With a luscious red velvet cupcake layered with whip-cream on top …..yummy!!!!!!

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