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So one thing that was always told to me during my clinical years as a medical student, was that I needed to always be careful what I said whenever in the hospital because ‘you never know who might be listening’.

Well only saints are always on their best behaviour.

I remember distinctly during the first week of my ER sub-I, while walking through the ER, another 4th year says to me that we have a lecture to go to.  I let out a sigh, as the last thing I wanted to have to attend was some boring lecture, especially when My sub-I was being done in the ER of a level 1 trauma hospital. I said as such. I totally forgot that I had yet to see the physician who ran the ER.

When I entered the lectue hall for the lecture, it was a small group of us, only the 4th years. Who could I see as the lecturer but someone who had been standing close to me earlier on when I had aired my displeasure of having to attend a ‘boring lecture.’ She smirked when I introduced myself.  I was thinking….I am sooo screwed……..

Things actually didnt go so badly…..but I did still get PIMPED like hell…..

So to medical students out there. Always keep a smile on your face when you are at the hospital and keep unpleasant comments to yourself. Noone needs to know how bored, tired or irritated you are…..

I was lucky that time, I could have been in alot of trouble otherwise…..

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