Vacay is OVER!!!!!

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But I definitely brought some pictures back to share with you.

I think that one thing that everyone should do is TRAVEL!!!! Travel as much as you can, whenever you can. I have worked hard through medical school and beyond… is time for me to have FUN!!!!……..when I can…hehehe.

So for this trip, I decided to take in Carnival on a Caribbean Island… was breathtaking. I had to share some pics….:) Enjoy!!!

Everyone was jumping up at this point. I was lucky enough to get a picture…

This guy either painted on his muscles or they were really his….he looked great either way!!!

She won ‘Queen of Carnival’. This picture does not do her justice at all….

This character was really a sight to see…..I may return here again next year for sure.

Always enjoy your vacation thoroughly before you stress yourself going to work…..:)


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