I think I am in a MADHOUSE currently!!!!!

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First patient with two fractured lower extremities is lying on the bed with legs in splints and properly dosed up with pain meds. He is driving both doctors and nurses crazy…every minute or two he is calling for us to raise his legs off the floor……WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!

Next patient with surgical abdomen who is scheduled to go into the operating room soon is cursing the nurses because they ‘wont give him any water….all they giving him is injections…?????’

Another patient screaming that he wants to urinate even though he is wearing a catheter which is draining normally.

Annoying female patient who was in a motor vehicular accident and complains of lightheadedness. She has been fixing her wig for the past hour including putting curlers in her hair and demanding that a nurse bring her a mirror so she can see exactly how well she is looking…….


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