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I love working as an ER physician. Recently however, certain events at the hospital that I am stationed at have made me question that decision. I am thinking of taking up a post elsewhere.

Why haven’t I done so as yet? What makes me drag my feet to do so? I guess, deep down I am afraid of change.

I know my hospital inside and out. I know the security, the kitchen staff, the nurses….and of course my colleagues. I am in my ‘comfort zone’. I get along well with everyone.

The thought of having to go through an interview process, pack up my stuff and leave my comfort zone gives me severe palpitations. Who would have thought that someone like myself would be so scared. I tell people to follow their minds ALL the time. Get out there. Do what you feel is right for you.

I think even my car is scared of change. Tomorrow was the day I was going to check out the new hospital and last night my car started giving me problems. So I had to cancel my visit.

I am gonna have to toughen up and get through this somehow…….

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