Hero of the day……..

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Drunk female patient who came into the ER also with diarrhea. She fell off of the toilet bowl in the ER, was too drunk to get back up….continued to have the diarrhea while on the floor…all over the floor for that matter…..SMH

56yo female who I asked if she had medical problems tells me no. Of course when I ask if she takes any medications daily, she whips out her bag of high blood pressure medications…..SMH.

22YO male patient who smokes marijuana daily. I ask how many he smokes a day, actually whips out his pack of SEVERAL joints to count the number……SMH.

The true hero of the day…….drum roll please…..

33yo male who about 3 nights ago was having a ‘good time’ with his girl. She was giving him oral pleasure…which turned out to be ‘too much of a good thing’. Now he cannot sit, his testicles are swollen and inflammed…..In his defense….he ‘did not feel any pain at the time the incident was ocurring’…..SMH…..it apparently went on for quite some time…..

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