Love for the liquor…..

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Sometimes, my patients really need to ask themselves…’What am I doing to me?’ Hopefully, once they have answered that question, they will step away from the bottle of liquor and move on with their lives.

I had to attend to a 23 yo female who had drunk her way through several bottles of beers, and now apparently thought she was my boss……which she kept reminding me of throughout the night. She also told a nurse that ‘she will box her down’. Once she wokeup, we discovered that she was actually in university doing law classes……wow!!!!

My second drunk for the night was a 50yo male who came in clutching his bottle of liquor which he had ‘no plans in HELL to release’…until he fell asleep and snored his was through next few hours…..but now before he vomited on both myself and a nurse that was nearby……..ugh!!!!

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