Apparently we saw things differently….

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A few weeks ago there was a male in his 20s or 30s who came in to the ER due to multiple gunshots wounds to his body.

All that I was concerned with was treating the patient, stabilizing the patient, calling consults. Also getting the right radiological studies done so once surgery called/showed up everything would be in place.

After the patient was taken to the OR, a nurse turned to me to ask if I ‘saw what the patient was working with?’. I started to say ‘Yeah, he seems to be stable even though he has gunshots to the chest and abdomen, and was in a critical state’.

She and the other nurse close by started to laugh at me and they told me, ‘Sleepy Doc, get your heads out of those books and go out next friday night.’

It was only afterwards someone told me that apparently the patient had a large ‘member’…..and that is what they were talking about.

Ummmm…, I did not notice, I was too busy trying to keep that patient alive. If that makes me overly nerdish….oh well….

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