I think I might be pregnant…..

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I think I might be pregnant….

Anytime a patient says those words to me, a wide grin, internally, forms. (I keep my poker face on AT all times).

Listen, I don’t judge any of my patients. My ONLY goal is to see them through whatever problem they came to the ER for.

You KNOW you are pregnant, so stop pretending.

Everyone of those patients I have eventually asked, ‘when was the last time you saw your menstrual cycle?’. The answer is always in MONTHS. I.e.: ‘4mnths doc’, ‘5mnths doc’, ‘3mnths doc’.

I mean come on!!!!

I like a patient who is truthful and honest….’Look here Sleepy Doc, there is a high chance I am pregnant and I am still smoking and drinking. I am here because I have the flu and I don’t want you lecturing me about anything else.’……..I actually had a patient come in and tell me that. I totally respected her for her honesty. 🙂

It doesn’t mean she didn’t get a lecture eh….:)

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