Month: May 2012

The color for this week is……

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As much as I LOVE being an ER doc, you have got to spice things up on your shift.

I carry my blackberry with me and I normally try to go to the gym at least once a week either before or after my shift.

Therefore I decided to use pink this week to cheer me up after a really long and tiring set of back to back night shifts last week.

Hopefully this week will turn out different…:):).

ahhhh yes….

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First patient of the day……

Sleepydoc: Sir do you drink?

Patient: Well doc, that is my middle name.

Sleepydoc: Ahh yes…..

Second patient of the day……

Patient: Doc, my cathether is not working at all.

Sleepydoc: Well have you been emptying the bag?

Patient: Well the last time I emptied it was two weeks ago.

Sleepydoc: ahhh yes…..we will show you how to use your catheter again.

Violence is never the answer!!!

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I actually had a female patient today who had been seen and treated for a sprained ankle.
She got angry because after waiting a whole 20 minutes, she decided that she had to leave in order for her boyfriend to reach to work on time.
The patient proceeded to leave the ER screaming obscenities at myself and other nursing staff when I told her that I was currently busy attending to a critical patient. Please note that she somehow had forced her way into a trauma bay where we had this poor bloodied guy on the table treating him.
Thirty minutes later, she was again trying to regain entry into the ER by first attempting to break the glass of the triage window with her fists, then she got a beer bottle from her car and repeated the process.
Needless to say it didn’t work and the police were called to the scene.

Is anybody home?

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Patient clueless: Doc, I think that something is moving in my stomach

Sleepydoc: Well, when was your last menstrual cycle?

Patient clueless: I can’t recall.

Sleepydoc: Can you even recall the month?

Patient clueless: Nope.

Sleepydoc: Then we will need to do a pregnancy test. But from what I am observing here, you look about 5-6 months pregnant. We will need an ultrasound to be absolutely sure.

Patient clueless: ok doc.

Why I could not do surgery….

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Ok so I believe that most doctors are working in an area of specialization that they are comfortable with.

It is really important that you understand that when you complete medical school and start residency, you are gonna be stuck doing that for the rest of your life….

So you better be sure that is what you want to do.

That is why you have the ‘clinical years’. When you should be exposed to most if not all of the different areas in medicine. So, choose wisely.

I initially wanted to do surgery. I planned my surgical rotations to be second cycle of rotations in my third year. And for my fourth year, instead of chilling out, I planned some tough sub-internships in surgery, trauma surgery, and I also stuck in ER at a level 1 trauma hospital. Basically I wanted a way to still watch the surgeons work.

I think, if you have an idea of which field you want to focus on in medicine, you really should zone in on it during those clinical years.

During the middle of my fourth year, after all those surgical rotations were over, it hit me. I hated surgery. I hated staying up late into the night. I hated being stuck at the hospital for too long. I hated not seeing the sun rise or fall. I had to wakeup at 3:30am to be at the hospital by 4:00am. Then if I wasn’t oncall, I did not leave until around 6:30pm- 7:30pm. If I was oncall….ugh!!!! I was stuck straight through the morning after my call.

It drove me nuts.

But….remember I stuck that ER rotation in there. Who knew……I loved ER. I could do procedures AND I worked on a clock.

I wasn’t stuck at the hospital whole week. Just maybe 3 sessions a week. It was interesting. I saw different patients daily. It was a dream come true.

And then it dawned on me that ER, not surgery, was the residency for me.

Who would have ever thought……..

Trying to setup a colleague usually never works out….

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So there are certain ‘dragon-fire breathing’ senior doctors that everyone will come across on their way up the medicine hierarchy. The goal is just to STAY the hell outta their way.

In the ER last night my colleague unfortunately came across a referral from one of those ‘fire breathers’. Here he was seeing about the patient and all of us were breathing a sigh of relief that we didn’t have to deal with that patient.

Then he decides to cut loose before the ‘fire breather’ could make her way to the ER. And guess who was the unfortunate soul he tried to hand over the patient to. I was mad as hell. Because now this would officially be my patient…ugh!!!

Anyways, I know this doc. She is a gastroenterologist and she moves like the wind. So if she calls to say she will soon be on her way to the ER, you can be damn sure she is moving while making that phonecall.

Sure enough that is what happened. By the time my colleague was trying to run out of the ER, the fire breather showed up and had him up and down the ER……hahahahahaha.

Never try to setup a colleague, just take your medicine like a grownup….:):)