Have you ever just wanted to cry…:(

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Sometimes it happens. I get tired and overworked. I start thinking that I don’t have enough of a life outside the hospital.

I start reaching to work maybe 10 to 15 minutes late for shifts. I feel burnt out and tired all the time. A bit grumpy too.

I start getting more jealous than usual of my friends exciting lives, their kids, their social circles. Usually when they have events, I am at the hospital.

This is the time when I KNOW I need to go on holidays and travel…..A LOT. Forget that I am even a doctor. Forget ALL my responsibilities. I hate when this happens and my non-medical friends don’t understand.

The problem is I love medicine. It is all I know. I can’t see myself doing anything else. I am addicted to it. It drives me daily and pushes my boundaries.

So yeah, I am definitely going on holidays soon….I hope. Just chill out on a beach somewhere sipping drinks with little umbrellas.

Until then, lemme take care of my next patient….:)

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