Trying to setup a colleague usually never works out….

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So there are certain ‘dragon-fire breathing’ senior doctors that everyone will come across on their way up the medicine hierarchy. The goal is just to STAY the hell outta their way.

In the ER last night my colleague unfortunately came across a referral from one of those ‘fire breathers’. Here he was seeing about the patient and all of us were breathing a sigh of relief that we didn’t have to deal with that patient.

Then he decides to cut loose before the ‘fire breather’ could make her way to the ER. And guess who was the unfortunate soul he tried to hand over the patient to. I was mad as hell. Because now this would officially be my patient…ugh!!!

Anyways, I know this doc. She is a gastroenterologist and she moves like the wind. So if she calls to say she will soon be on her way to the ER, you can be damn sure she is moving while making that phonecall.

Sure enough that is what happened. By the time my colleague was trying to run out of the ER, the fire breather showed up and had him up and down the ER……hahahahahaha.

Never try to setup a colleague, just take your medicine like a grownup….:):)

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