Month: May 2012

Female issues

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I don’t want to sound uncaring, but anyone who sits in the ER for 5-6 hours with complaints of menstrual (period) pain, has to be kidding.

Every month you’ve know since you were a teenager that you would have menstrual pain…….it may or may not come with pain and vomiting. You don’t need me to tell you to stock up on pain medications or anti-emetic meds.

I get really annoyed when I am presented with patients like that. Ever so often however, the patient may be pregnant…..even more annoying.

Somehow these patients showup at like 2am or 3am…….when I am literally in my best mood…..(Sarcasm)

The drunk patient…….another one…..

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Had to perform stitches on a patient who had multiple stab wounds, and whose only concern was getting back to the ‘liquor’.

The patient kept moving around, forgetting where he was, telling me about his plans to beat the crap out of the guy who stabbed him.

This was a difficult patient to suture and just really annoying.

The sad part was that the patient’s girlfriend was actually outside waiting to drive him home…… utterly embarrassing…

The Professional Patient

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Today I had a patient who was annoyed with me because I thought her problem could be better served at a family practitioner’s office.

Truth be told, if the emergency room is ‘patient overloaded’ you will wait hours before you are seen.

I didn’t realize how offended she was that I actually told her ‘no’. Maybe the work ‘no’ is not something that she hears very often.

Being rude and hostile will definitely NOT get you seen any faster.

Have you ever just wanted to cry…:(

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Sometimes it happens. I get tired and overworked. I start thinking that I don’t have enough of a life outside the hospital.

I start reaching to work maybe 10 to 15 minutes late for shifts. I feel burnt out and tired all the time. A bit grumpy too.

I start getting more jealous than usual of my friends exciting lives, their kids, their social circles. Usually when they have events, I am at the hospital.

This is the time when I KNOW I need to go on holidays and travel…..A LOT. Forget that I am even a doctor. Forget ALL my responsibilities. I hate when this happens and my non-medical friends don’t understand.

The problem is I love medicine. It is all I know. I can’t see myself doing anything else. I am addicted to it. It drives me daily and pushes my boundaries.

So yeah, I am definitely going on holidays soon….I hope. Just chill out on a beach somewhere sipping drinks with little umbrellas.

Until then, lemme take care of my next patient….:)

It is amazing what patients can hide….under their clothes

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You know I think that sometimes when I am trying to get a history from a patient it is like climbing Mount Everest.

All their answers sound like ‘No doc, I have no problems’.

Well then, if you really have no medical problems what the hell are you doing in the ER????

A few days ago I had such a case…..every answer was an emphatic…..NO!!!!

I go to do a physical examination on the patient only to find she had a mastectomy (removal of breast) due to breast cancer.
Then she tells me, ‘Oh by the way doc, I am being treated for mets to my lung’

Alrighty then…..SMH.