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I don’t care HOW you do it. WHEN you do it. Exercise as often as you can.

There I was on the treadmill two days ago, sweating away like there was no tomorrow. I noticed this elderly gentleman with a head of gray hair walking towards a treadmill. He was slim and looked HEALTHY. Can you imagine he hopped onto a treadmill and began running on it, sweating like there was no tomorrow.

EXERCISE people so when you are his age, you can still lift yourself off of a chair without using a cane.

Flip that scene to one a few nights ago. I had a 37 year old male who was morbidly obese. He was so obese that he could not even fit properly into the wheelchair for overweight people. He came in for back pain and ankle pain. DUH!!!!! Your weight is your problem. Your pain and your weight are connected.

In fact, this is the SAME guy who I saw for back pain months ago who I remember telling…..’Sir, I will be referring you to a dietician, and your family physician will do a thorough checkup to optimize you to start exercising.’

EXERCISE…..this patient will not be able to bend over to pick up something off the floor in a few years. He is ONLY 37yo.

I don’t care how you do it, get it done.

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