I figured I should just get some popcorn…..

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So a few nights ago, I was treating a patient with chest pain. It turned out that he actually had a heart attack.

I wanted to talk with the patient with his relative present. He gave me the name of his girlfriend, so I could find her in the waiting room.

I go out to the waiting and call the name over and over and noone responds. When I come back to the patient and tell him, he responds that he gave me the wrong name. That is the name of his ‘mistress’. Then he gives me his girlfriend’s name, correctly this time. He apologizes for his error.

When I go out and call the name, this young lady angrily walks past me and goes straight to my patient’s bed. Apparently she has known for awhile that her man has been cheating on her. And now he has been caught red handed and she knew the other female whose name I previously called.
I am thinking….security….but everyone is cracking up over the young lady’s display of anger.

Either way….she got escorted out of the emergency room ,and, her guy got escorted to a ward upstairs……

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