Started a new job today…..:)

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Oooohh…..I totally quit my old job at small hospital ER. Started working at a much larger ER today……yeah!!!

I was nervous. I did not sleep last night. Did not know what I would expect. Would there be some kind of orientation, or would I just be thrown to the wolves.

As soon as I arrived, there were all sorts of paperwork to fill out. Then I got my ID and then the long walk to the ER department….cold sweat was dripping off my forehead….hahahahaha, I am just kidding. I was EXCITED.

I got a tour of the department and was then put somewhere to start seeing patients. Which went with surprising ease.

Of course I got lost, didn’t know who the next patient to see was, did not know where to get anything….but you better believe I caught on quickly. An ER is a place where things happen really quickly, so it is good to know where everything is at a moment’s notice.

Can’t wait for my next day in the ER tomorrow. BRING it ON!!!!

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