Month: July 2012

You know you’ve been working somewhere too long when……..

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Sleepydoc: ok Sir, please tell me what is going on with you tonight.

Patient: Doc I was afraid I caught something because I sat on a rat earlier tonight.

Sleepydoc: Excuse me sir, but did this rat bite you?

Patient: No…..

Sleepydoc: So why would you think that this would be harmful to you in any way?

In reality, I was PISSED. I could not believe that this guy had even made it pass the triage area to get into the hospital. I was already having a long shift. But crap like this makes you want to scream!!! I had fully intended to go locate whoever was in charge in the triage area and have a talk with them.

But then I heard some giggles behind me, and when I looked, the nurses burst out laughing. They had put the guy, who worked in the lab, up to tricking me.

I had begun to work myself up in a frenzy for nothing……..definitely working too long somewhere to be getting fooled like that.

True Story……

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Patient: Doctor…..I hope you don’t expect to use a needle to get my blood. I am having the worst day EVER!!!!

Sleepydoc: No sir, around here we are vampires. So I will be using my teeth to get the blood. Try not to scream…..muhahaha.

These shifts seem to be getting longer…..

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First problem was that I reached to work late. So I was a bit flustered and had to take handover (patients that I would have to followup on) from another doctor who was waiting on me for a whole…15 mins……:(

I apologized profusely.

Then, wanted to take the apology back when I realized the amount of handovers I had to take AND the amount of patients who were still waiting to be seen!!!!!

What the hell was this person doing. They should have apologized to me.

To say I was starting a shift stressed out was an understatement.

It was back to back shoulder dislocation, then an elbow dislocation. A guy who figured it would be a good idea to go on his roof at 1am!!!! So he fell off and got impaled on something. Broke his femur and had a piece of iron passing through his leg. Motor vehicle accidents victims……to name a few………argh!!!

The final straw came when they brought in a belligerent drunk who was also a cocaine user. He was fighting the EMS crew and verbally abusive to the staff. Once he was stabilized, I took a walk out of the ER and around the carpark.

That worked wonders. It helped me clear my mind so much. It was something that cleaned up my stressful shift. I will be definitely doing more of those walks….:)

Proper hospital etiquette

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So last night’s shift was pretty rough…..understatement.

Between the motor vehicular accidents, gunshot victims and people with lacerations….what the hell are u doing grinding meat at 2am!!!!!……it was a long shift.

Somehow, I got stuck with a medical student shadowing me. Normally, I have no problem at all with that, but when I have a shift that has me running back and forth….it gets tedious.

I have to treat all these patients, remember which orders go for whom, read ECGs being shoved in my face and AND answer the medical student’s questions…..AND be polite…….

So to medical students out there, know proper hospital etiquette.

When I was a med student, I knew where things were on the ward and in the ER. Therefore, whenever the resident/intern/attending needed something, I either had it on me, or knew where to find it quickly.

I would gather all the necessary equipment that I thought they needed so it made their life easier. Your intern/resident will thank you for this. It will make their day easier.

So while on my 3rd laceration patient….I am suturing ferociously, and in my mind, I am thinking about the patients I have to followup, I notice the medical student still hasn’t put on sterile gloves to help me cut sutures……I mean… something, don’t just stand there.

When I ask her, ‘what is going on and if this is the first time she has seen a patient’s laceration being sutured?’

She replies that she just had her nails done earlier that day and doesn’t want to ruin them……..what????

Times really have changed.

I almost got a headache too…..

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I had to see a 19 year old female who came to the hospital after developing a generalized headache. After thoroughly questioning her, I discovered that she had spent that same night drinking heavily to ‘impress some guy.’

I treated her, and as I was discharging her, she asked me ‘Sleepydoc, when would be a good time to start back drinking?’

I made sure t o give her a time that coincided with me not working……:)

It is gadget time!!!

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I love gadgets. They make my life soooo much easier…..:):)

I am totally thinking of getting a new gadget. I always carry two of them at all times. A blackberry and an iphone.

I have been watching the Samsung Galaxy III for sometime now. Or maybe I may get the Nexus. And just upgrade the OS to the new jellybean. Yeah. I will decide soon I hope. Or maybe I will wait it out and see what apple or blackberry has up their sleeve.

From the medical apps that I use daily, to apps for the gym and even to practice yoga at home. Even when driving to and from work, I can listen to podcasts, lectures, or music.

Bbm is one way all my friends can easily contact me. Those who don’t have blackberries can use whatsapp. I love being…’Always on, always connected.’

Gadgets just make my life flow smoothly.

Wow!!! What a day….:(

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Sometimes when I start a shift, I am usually exhausted just being given the handover of patients from the leaving team.

I am thinking…’Damn, did you guys do any work today.’ I mean, why are there so many patients left.

I have seen so many patients today….and there are so so many more waiting to be seen. And then I have to deal with people’s ego. And other doctors trying to get out of actually taking their patients.

Like, for example, I saw a young female with severe abdominal pain. Pregnancy test came back positive…..ultrasound showed blighted ovum. Nil fetus is uterus. I called surgery to ask about the patient. They tried everything in their power NOT to accept the patient.

Unfortunately for them, I had done a THOROUGH workup of the patient. So they had to accept. Of course, the surgeon had to give me his dry attitude…..whateva….the patient is yours……:).

I still had a hundred more patients to see…:(:(