Wow!!! What a day….:(

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Sometimes when I start a shift, I am usually exhausted just being given the handover of patients from the leaving team.

I am thinking…’Damn, did you guys do any work today.’ I mean, why are there so many patients left.

I have seen so many patients today….and there are so so many more waiting to be seen. And then I have to deal with people’s ego. And other doctors trying to get out of actually taking their patients.

Like, for example, I saw a young female with severe abdominal pain. Pregnancy test came back positive…..ultrasound showed blighted ovum. Nil fetus is uterus. I called surgery to ask about the patient. They tried everything in their power NOT to accept the patient.

Unfortunately for them, I had done a THOROUGH workup of the patient. So they had to accept. Of course, the surgeon had to give me his dry attitude…..whateva….the patient is yours……:).

I still had a hundred more patients to see…:(:(

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