It is gadget time!!!

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I love gadgets. They make my life soooo much easier…..:):)

I am totally thinking of getting a new gadget. I always carry two of them at all times. A blackberry and an iphone.

I have been watching the Samsung Galaxy III for sometime now. Or maybe I may get the Nexus. And just upgrade the OS to the new jellybean. Yeah. I will decide soon I hope. Or maybe I will wait it out and see what apple or blackberry has up their sleeve.

From the medical apps that I use daily, to apps for the gym and even to practice yoga at home. Even when driving to and from work, I can listen to podcasts, lectures, or music.

Bbm is one way all my friends can easily contact me. Those who don’t have blackberries can use whatsapp. I love being…’Always on, always connected.’

Gadgets just make my life flow smoothly.

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