These shifts seem to be getting longer…..

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First problem was that I reached to work late. So I was a bit flustered and had to take handover (patients that I would have to followup on) from another doctor who was waiting on me for a whole…15 mins……:(

I apologized profusely.

Then, wanted to take the apology back when I realized the amount of handovers I had to take AND the amount of patients who were still waiting to be seen!!!!!

What the hell was this person doing. They should have apologized to me.

To say I was starting a shift stressed out was an understatement.

It was back to back shoulder dislocation, then an elbow dislocation. A guy who figured it would be a good idea to go on his roof at 1am!!!! So he fell off and got impaled on something. Broke his femur and had a piece of iron passing through his leg. Motor vehicle accidents victims……to name a few………argh!!!

The final straw came when they brought in a belligerent drunk who was also a cocaine user. He was fighting the EMS crew and verbally abusive to the staff. Once he was stabilized, I took a walk out of the ER and around the carpark.

That worked wonders. It helped me clear my mind so much. It was something that cleaned up my stressful shift. I will be definitely doing more of those walks….:)

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