You know you’ve been working somewhere too long when……..

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Sleepydoc: ok Sir, please tell me what is going on with you tonight.

Patient: Doc I was afraid I caught something because I sat on a rat earlier tonight.

Sleepydoc: Excuse me sir, but did this rat bite you?

Patient: No…..

Sleepydoc: So why would you think that this would be harmful to you in any way?

In reality, I was PISSED. I could not believe that this guy had even made it pass the triage area to get into the hospital. I was already having a long shift. But crap like this makes you want to scream!!! I had fully intended to go locate whoever was in charge in the triage area and have a talk with them.

But then I heard some giggles behind me, and when I looked, the nurses burst out laughing. They had put the guy, who worked in the lab, up to tricking me.

I had begun to work myself up in a frenzy for nothing……..definitely working too long somewhere to be getting fooled like that.

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