Month: August 2012


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And no, I am not talking about backing up the data on your computer.

I mean backup by someone else.

Police have backup, people on sports teams have backup….even criminals have backup.

As a doctor, you work on a team. Even if you have a solo practice, you can always find someone else to share ideas with.

For myself, I work in an ER. There are times when I need, ‘backup’. And trust me, I am not ashamed to go and grab a colleague and say, ‘I need your help with this trauma patient.’ It is as simple as that.

Medicine is not a ‘hero sport’. This is not the Olympics. You are working on a team of doctors, nurses…etc…etc. You need a fully functional team, in order for everything to work out properly.

I cannot treat a trauma victim, stabilize him, take bloods, splint any fractures, start meds, etc….all by myself.

If you need backup. Ask for it.

Runaway patients

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I don’t know whether to be grateful or worried when patient’s disappear from the ER.

Sometimes it is the patients that I know all too well. The pain-seekers, the smoking asthmatics, the non-compliant diabetics.

If I am juggling several patients at the same time. I know which ones I have to check on every few minutes and which ones I can write orders for and check on in 30 minutes.
The familiar patients definitely know the doctors and nurses,and, they know the layout of the ER, and how to sneak out with noone realizing.

They will wait until they see everyone busy with a critical trauma case and slide through the nearest exit, only to be back a few days later…….no surprise there at all.

I never know whether to be grateful that they have just lessened my workload…..OR… irritated because they will be back most likely on a day when I am busy.

I drive big SUVs……

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So there I was explaining to my patient’s son that his father was alright and we were sending him back home.

The son kept thanking and saying….how is he gonna get into my….’Big SUV name’…..I was wondering who he thought he was trying to impress???

Every two sentences involved the ‘BIG SUV’……I wanted to ask him if it belonged to his dad……ugh!!!

Ummm….are you seriously telling me this.

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SleepyDoc: So what brings you here today Sir?

Patient: Well doc my back is hurting me. While I was trying to get into my Suv I fell backward onto the grass.

SleepyDoc: have you had any liquor today…(I could smell it all over him)

Patient: Yes doc I have had some hard liquor and some beer…

It was only 1pm. He was drifting in and out of sleep, and slurring his words. Plus the nurses told me her is always here in the same drunkard state. AND he will walk out when he wakes up…..

Patient: oh SleepyDoc, I also forgot to mention that I fell out my Suv about a month ago…..I was also drinking then to.


I took a little time off……sorry….:)

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I was apartment hunting and working and packing….ugh!!! I hate moving. And I am also thinking of starting an MBA.

I was really really too exhausted to blog….but I am back!!!…:)