Runaway patients

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I don’t know whether to be grateful or worried when patient’s disappear from the ER.

Sometimes it is the patients that I know all too well. The pain-seekers, the smoking asthmatics, the non-compliant diabetics.

If I am juggling several patients at the same time. I know which ones I have to check on every few minutes and which ones I can write orders for and check on in 30 minutes.
The familiar patients definitely know the doctors and nurses,and, they know the layout of the ER, and how to sneak out with noone realizing.

They will wait until they see everyone busy with a critical trauma case and slide through the nearest exit, only to be back a few days later…….no surprise there at all.

I never know whether to be grateful that they have just lessened my workload…..OR… irritated because they will be back most likely on a day when I am busy.

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