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And no, I am not talking about backing up the data on your computer.

I mean backup by someone else.

Police have backup, people on sports teams have backup….even criminals have backup.

As a doctor, you work on a team. Even if you have a solo practice, you can always find someone else to share ideas with.

For myself, I work in an ER. There are times when I need, ‘backup’. And trust me, I am not ashamed to go and grab a colleague and say, ‘I need your help with this trauma patient.’ It is as simple as that.

Medicine is not a ‘hero sport’. This is not the Olympics. You are working on a team of doctors, nurses…etc…etc. You need a fully functional team, in order for everything to work out properly.

I cannot treat a trauma victim, stabilize him, take bloods, splint any fractures, start meds, etc….all by myself.

If you need backup. Ask for it.

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