Noone, not even the patients taking BS today

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Funniest experience a few nights ago. A patient who had been discharged decided to go on an angry rant, complaining to anyone nearby. The patient’s family decided to take forever to come and retrieve him.

Somehow, we became the ‘scapegoats’ who were keeping the patient trapped at the hospital.

The patient stood in the middle of the ER screaming that he would ‘light us up’ if we didn’t get his family pronto.

Before security could even reach to pacify him, another patient jumped off his bed and screamed at the guy…..’SHUT-UP!!!! Can’t you see I am trying to sleep here. Just SHUT the hell up!!!’

The ‘angry’ patient immediately got quiet and sat on the edge of his bed pouting.

I think we need to hire that other guy as security. He was effective!!!!!!

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