It was a wild…crazy…night……

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So here we were on another hectic Friday night.

Everyone is out drinking, partying and having a good time.

We the ER staff are being kept busy by several motor vehicular accident victims….they just keep rolling them in.

I was exhausted and had to keep a mental checklist of the patients who were extremely critical to the not so critical.

Then a prisoner came in claiming that he was being treated unfairly in prison and that his lower leg was hurting.

I examined him, found no swelling or tenderness, or even bruises. But, just to be sure, I did an xray, which also showed no bony injuries. When I informed the prisoner that there was nothing wrong, he jumped out of the chair and exclaimed that he was not going back to prison. Something had to be wrong for us the keep him. It was not that kind of night.

During all his antics I saw two more MVA victims come in. And I still had other patients to follow up on.

Apparently, on the prisoner’s way out, he grabbed someone’s soda can and started to chew on it. The prison guards got him to spit out the pieces……I don’t know how they did it, but I was soooo grateful. Then they escorted him out of the ER……

Don’t make an ER doctor’s work more than necessary. Whatever you did in your life to earn you a stay in prison is really on you.

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