Obviously I don’t get out much.

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I had a young 18 year old female come to the ER about a week ago. I don’t know if she thought her mom had implanted bugs in the ER but her vague answers to my questions were hilarious.

Sleepydoc: So are you sexually active?

Patient: not much.

Sleepydoc: Do you use condoms when having sex?

Patient: Not usually.

Sleepydoc: Do you smoke cigarettes or marijuana?

Patient: Not often…..(She wouldn’t admit to which one).

Sleepydoc: Do you drink often?

Patient: Every other day doc, when I hang out with my friends……

Sleepydoc: Well how much do you drink?
…..I figured I might as well ask since this was the only question she answered.

Patient: til I pass out.

Alright then…….

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