This won’t take long…..

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This morning around 4am an elderly gentleman came in the ER to be seen. He complained of chest pain, cold sweating, vomiting and lightheadedness.

We worked him up for a myocardial infarction, (heart attack).

While attending to the patient, I noticed his wife was not only hovering around but talking on the phone incessantly. She seemed extremely agitated. I assumed that it was due to the unexpected illness of her husband.

Obviously I decided to pacify her concerns. I discovered that all she wanted to know was how long everything would take because she had a wedding to go to. She had helped plan it and didn’t want to be stuck at the hospital while the ceremony took place without her. The only reason she actually stayed was because her husband had a hearing problem.

I explained to her that these things, in reality, took time and her husband would obviously be admitted to the hospital. She immediately started to smile and said she would be back later to check on him.

Alrighty then.

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