Month: January 2013

I thought this only happened in movies…..

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I had to treat a young lady in her early twenties last night. She was apparently caught cheating by her live in partner.

She left home earlier in the day to go to a concert with her ‘outside guy’ and somehow got caught by her ‘current guy’. They fled the scene in their car and hey boyfriend actually chased them in his.

Eventually they crashed after he hit their car from behind, she jumped out of the vehicle and took off on foot. Her ex jumped out of his car and ran behind her……and of course he caught up to her. It led to an assault charge being placed against him.

She came into the ER hysterical and, also extremely drunk. She told me that she had a restraining order put against him which he constantly violated.

I had to get someone from social work involved because while all of this excitement was going on they had left the 3 year old at home, by herself for over 10 or more hours…….that alone is madness.


Ahhhhhh Honesty………..

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I had to take care of a drunk patient today. He fell after a heavy drinking session and he lost conciousness. His two sons came with him and they looked so concerned. They told me that they had tried everything to get their father to stop drinking but he was able to circumvent their every attempt.

It seemed like a really sad story.

So I turned to the man and I asked him, ‘Why do you drink so much especially when you have such a supportive family’

He looked at me and said, ‘Sleepydoc, I find that drinking changes the mindset. Even if I have had an awful day everything pales and gets better when I drink. But I never drink around my kids doc.’

Oh well……


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Just a simple HAPPY NEW YEAR to all from Sleepydoc.

See you all in 2013!!!!!