Trying my patience…..

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Ever so often you get those patients who always come to the ER for a check-up. It does not matter how many times you explain to them that the ER does not function as an out patient clinic…..they still come back.

I have a male patient who actually comes to the ER to ‘talk’…..usually when he is stressed out. And considering he has two jobs, presently studying, has a kid already and another on the way…..he comes to ‘talk’ once a week. The good thing is he somehow knows when the ER is not busy and that is when he will show up. I listen because I know somehow it helps this patient. And even though I have referred him several times for counseling, he always comes back.

But then we have the really bad COPD smokers who come every week due to problems with their breathing……and my listening to my ‘stop smoking’ advice…….they really try my patience…..

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