Month: March 2013

Understanding the teamwork that is ER……..

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If an ER is to run effectively, everyone or at least the majority needs to be on the same page.

That is usually seen when a critical patient enters, and everyone knows their role, and more importantly, people know where they can get their hands on certain equipment quickly.

Whatever personal problems maybe occurring, forget about them once you walk into the ER. Let us focus.

It is time to get to work!

It is three in the morning…….shouldn’t you be sleeping

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Actually saw a young female in her 20s last night who came in with the complaint of right sided neck pain, lasting about 1 min. She realized she had the pain after waking up from sleep. No pain at present.

It was 3am……did she really leave her kids and husband at home to come to the ER with this……she got a prescription for pain meds and was sent home.