Month: May 2013

SleepyDoc became a patient……..

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So there I was having one of my favorite dishes…..ribs, with a side of sauce. Hanging out with one of my good friends. Had a great evening actually post call.

Left went home and had a glass of water. Then I had to shut down for the night because I also had to work early in the morning.

About an hour after eating the ribs, I started having, what I can only describe as projectile vomit. I was able to aim for everything BUT the toilet bowl…..:(. In between vomiting I was itching my scalp like crazy, and then back to vomiting.

Actually took me awhile before I realized, ‘wait, why are my arms, legs and neck itching so much?’ Then I took a closer look and realized I had this rash all over my body.

The itch was so bad that it took me awhile to leave the house because I couldn’t stop itching.

Ended up in the ER, was seen, treated, laughed at by some of my nursing and medical colleagues, and then discharged.

Well, I can’t say that I have ever had the need for an IV access……definitely not a pleasant feeling. 😦

Feeling much better now though…:)

Medical Students……

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I don’t know if the new age medical students have just become extremely ‘full of themselves’, but I believe some of them are extremely rude.

When I was a medical student, I would always introduce myself to someone before even thinking about asking to see patients.

Medical students of today, ‘Who are the patients that WE have’……..I was thinking, who the hell is this?… order for US to have a patient you should have been there when I was actually treating the patient.

I took a deep breath, introduced myself to them and started from there.