SleepyDoc became a patient……..

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So there I was having one of my favorite dishes…..ribs, with a side of sauce. Hanging out with one of my good friends. Had a great evening actually post call.

Left went home and had a glass of water. Then I had to shut down for the night because I also had to work early in the morning.

About an hour after eating the ribs, I started having, what I can only describe as projectile vomit. I was able to aim for everything BUT the toilet bowl…..:(. In between vomiting I was itching my scalp like crazy, and then back to vomiting.

Actually took me awhile before I realized, ‘wait, why are my arms, legs and neck itching so much?’ Then I took a closer look and realized I had this rash all over my body.

The itch was so bad that it took me awhile to leave the house because I couldn’t stop itching.

Ended up in the ER, was seen, treated, laughed at by some of my nursing and medical colleagues, and then discharged.

Well, I can’t say that I have ever had the need for an IV access……definitely not a pleasant feeling. 😦

Feeling much better now though…:)

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