Month: June 2013

Medical Student Throwback!!!!!

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Attending: SleepyDoc tell me what sort of drug is warfarin?

SleepyDoc: ummm…..I don’t know, but really I mumbled some unintelligent answer.

Attending: You don’t know the answer?
Why don’t you guess?

SleepyDoc: I just did, and it was incorrect.

Attending: Ok SleepyDoc, tomorrow you will be doing a presentation, detailing mode of action, type of drug and side effects. Also detail the type of patient that warfarin cannot be used in.

Back when I was in medical school, if I didn’t know the answer I would always say ‘I don’t know’. I figured that I might as well not waste everyone else’s time with me guessing. Unfortunately it also meant that I would end up with ‘homework’ for the next day.