Month: November 2013

Battery Issues……

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When you spend as many hours at the hospital as I do, it is important that your phone’s battery stays charged.

As a physician, you will receive several calls during the day, SMS/whatsapp/bbm/iMessages, that you have to respond to at a moment’s notice. Some of which could be important as it might lead to a colleague making an important life or death decision.

Also, if you have a little downtime to do some reading, checking out your favorite blogs or journals, you can’t do that if the battery on your phone is low.

I am always on the move and don’t have time to to leave my phone charging nearby. I try to keep a portable charger on me at all times.

Most recently, I actually purchased a portable charger, Anker Power Bank. It comes packing 4500mAh and can take me straight through the day and then some.

Also, it is extremely slim and light, so it won’t take up too much space in my scrub pocket.

It is fabulous and I love it.