Month: January 2015

Work-Life Integration

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As an ER physician, it is sometimes a bit difficult for me to ensure that I am well balanced, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Setting aside a portion of my day to ensure that I spend time with my family, get some exercise in and still make it to work is becoming a bit of a chore. I am usually flat out exhausted as the evening rolls by. Oh, and even though I am tired, I find it difficult to sleep at night. If I go to sleep too early, I wakeup in about four hours and the next day is exhausting for me. If I go to sleep too late I wakeup late, and certain simple things such as, breakfast with the family, or jogging for 30 minutes will be eliminated from my schedule.
I am resolved to focus this year on creating an all-round solution to solving those issues.
I even purchased a new little product called fitbit, which will monitor not just my exercise pattern, but also my sleep pattern. I love it.
Fitbit  Fitbit accessories
The account on iOS app has a sleek and simple to use interface, which I needed.
Fitbit ios app
At a glance, it will show steps taken, calories burned, active minutes and even how you slept. I need to be consistent this year and determined. #fitbitflexlife.